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The Devil was in Devon!

No I’m not talking about when Rick Solomon (IEW) was boning Devon Aoki (also a true story though).

I’m talking about the DEVIL in Southern Devon, England!

On February 8, 1855, the villagers of Southern Devon awoke to find an enormous set of strange footprints stretching over 100 miles throughout the county! At closer inspection they appeared to be cloven hoof prints. To the locals, this meant only 1 thing…


Legend has it, the tracks went through a haystack, a 14-foot-high wall, a 4-inch drainpipe, and even crossed a two mile stretch of river only to pick right up again on the other side. Yes, the devil was walking on water LIKE JAYSUS.











Of course haters didn’t want to believe any of this so they attributed the tracks to various ridiculous things such as roaming badgers, escaped kangaroos and even a passing hot air balloon trailing a rope. That is because lots of hot air balloons and kangaroos roam free through the snow in Southern Devon at night. What? I DON’T THINK SO.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That was 154 years ago when everyone was cold trippin’ and that diagram looks like dooky. Well guess what? Exactly 1 month ago on the evening of March 12th, 2009, more strange marks, very simmilar to those left in 1855 were found AGAIN in Devon!

In the video below, the man with the hot stache talks to the sweet old lady who found the tracks out side her bedroom window and even walks us through the mysterious steps. But beware because at about 3:05 a hater from the CFZ starts talking shit saying there has to be “a perfectly rational explantion” for the tracks left in both 1855 as well as just last month. So the rational explations is…oh wait he doesn’t have one! He just “believes there is one”. Really? Well I believe I can fly and I believe I can touch the sky, but that don’t mean shit Robert Sylvester Kelly.

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  • Agent Lover
    April 13, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Okay I can't watch this youtube later even though that purple turtleneck is killing me. FIRSTLY, LOL at RICK & DEVON BLOLLL I wasn't aware of that. Secondly I'M SCARED! Perhaps it was a hot air balloon….GAAAAH


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