CIA Releases Secret ‘X-Files’

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Just in time for Fox’s reboot of The X-Files, the C.I.A. invited us civilians to take a peek at their own secret “X-Files.” From their website:

The CIA declassified hundreds of documents in 1978 detailing the Agency’s investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). The documents date primarily from the late 1940s and 1950s. To help navigate the vast amount of data contained in our FOIA UFO collection, we’ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting. Below you will find five documents we think X-Files character Agent Fox Mulder would love to use to try and persuade others of the existence of extraterrestrial activity. We also pulled five documents we think his skeptical partner, Agent Dana Scully, could use to prove there is a scientific explanation for UFO sightings. The truth is out there; click on the links to find it.

AH SAY WHAT NOW?!?! That’s some good marketing, Fox. They also offer instructions on how to properly investigate a U.F.O.

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