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Please Pass The Butter and Lemon, Kind Sir

SAY WHAAAT!!!!!! Is this what Red Lobster looks like in heaven??

This strapping young lad, nicknamed CRABZILLA, is a Japanese Spider Crab and measures ten feet from claw to claw…and is still growing! He was caught by some fishermenz in the Pacific Ocean, then traveled to the UK to make his debut as thee biggest crab Britain has ever seen since Simon Cowell. Soon after, Crabzilla was welcomed to take residence at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham where a comfy bed made of rice and a kiddie pool filled with garlic butter awaited him. Only the best for our new star!

I’m not the only one with hungry eyes…look at that son of a betches face up there. He’s probably already got a plastic bib in his back pocket ready to tie around his neck and get to grubbin’. Sigh. I love when there’s weird oceanic creatures like this one because I will always make a “joke” about “eating them with garlic butter.”


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  • lickmycupcakes
    February 13, 2010 at 6:30 am

    Haha, this blog is amazing. I love you, you crazy biznitch.


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